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      Bigger bucks for the Upper Peninsula deer season?

      The Upper Peninsula Deer Advisory Team (UPDAT), along with Michigan DNR staff, had a meeting Saturday at the Country Inn Suites in Iron Mountain.

      Discussions were aimed at creating an older age structure among bucks, enhancing antler size.

      "There are very few deer out there that are over four years old," explains UPDAT member, Jim Hammill. "Some people on this panel feel that there should be a lot more, some feel that it doesn't matter...so we're taking a lot of things into consideration."

      The DNR collected information from deer check stations and mailed surveys, helping them pinpoint five possible options:

      1) One buck per year

      2) Two point minimum restriction on single and combo license (no spike horn rule)

      3) Three point minimum antler point restriction on single and combo license

      4) Keep the current hunter regulations

      5) Keep the current regulations, however, modify it to disallow hunters to kill two bucks when purchasing both an archery and rifle tag

      Community representatives in attendance leaned towards the fifth option, but the last blow will be determined by residents.

      Representatives will take the options, present them to their groups and see which one is favored. If there is a strong agreement towards an option, a series of open houses across the Upper Peninsula will be held for additional community input.