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      Biggest Little Town Parade

      A wet and rainy start to the Biggest Little Town Parade, but that didn't stop thousands from lining up on the streets to watch it.

      "It was wet! It was actually. We were one of the first ones to actually, one of the first floats. We had music going and I had water balloons," said Joni Davis.

      According to organizers it's the second time it rains during their parade in last 41 years.

      "With our Karl Bohnak being our parade Marshal and him a weatherman. And, to bring this, my heavens,"said Cpt. Bill Kelly, organizer.

      People from across the U.P., Michigan, and even Canada came out to participate. Even Bag Pipers from the SOO, a Navy League Cadet Corps from Ontario.

      During the weekend the population nearly triples, with close to 10,000 people visiting.

      "Well, my friend likes to come here. I've been to four parades in two days. Newberry, Naubinway, Garden and now here," said Stewart Jezylo, visitor.

      Visitors enjoyed performances from bands, and shopping from 45 different vendors.