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      Bike shop spearheads dirt bike instructional session

      A group of bikers recently spent some time learning how to hit dirt jumps. They participated in the session which is part of the weekend long event ride the Keweenaw.

      Steve Vizanko with Rythmn Bike Shop spearheaded the instruction.

      The clinic teaches riders the basics of how to use their body as they approach a jump. Riders should maintain loose arms and upper body, while maintaining heavier feet.

      "People just haven't seen them or don't know what they are and so favorite thing for me personally is to see people for the first time just to learn a new skill on a bike," says Vizanko. "Whether it's just jumping the first day or learning how to manual over roller or learn to distribute their weight."

      Vizanko says it's all about dispersing the weight. He hopes to continue hosting more sessions.