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      Bikers attend Ride the Keweenaw

      It's the start of biking season and many are taking their bikes for a whirl at Michigan Tech trails.

      "Weather's perfect couldn't ask for better weather. Trail conditions are great especially with how much snow we had this winter to have dry trails it's really really awesome," said Chris Marr, Biker.

      Dozens are participating in the fourth annual Ride the Keweenaw.

      It's a weekend event organized by the Keweenaw Trails Alliance that gets bikers enjoying the trails through group rides.

      Some say it's an opportunity to learn from more experienced bikers.

      "Gives you something to learn from an example right. So being able to get out here early get on the trails and have great riders to watch and ride with just brings everyone's level up," Marr's said.

      Ride the Keweenaw is a collaboration between several trail clubs to get people to learn and explore different trail systems.

      "Going downhill on the bumps because it's really smooth and I think it's really cool," said Colin Elliott.

      Group were organized for different trail systems including Churning Rapids, Swedetown Trails, and Copper Harbor.

      Organizers say it gives people a chance to explore the different terrain throughout the trails.

      "Good elevation from the top of the trail systems to the bottom. They have also got jump trails where more people want to get in the air and really challenge themselves. In addition to that there's some technical features that you can play on throughout the trail system. And, then they also got some really easy beginner trails," said Lori Hauswirth, Keweenaw Trails Alliance.

      The event continues tomorrow with an enduro race in Copper Harbor.