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      Bikers donate over $1.3 million to Bay Cliff Health Camp

      $71,361.66 -- Thatâ??s how much was donated Wednesday evening to Bay Cliff Health Camp. And the group responsible is no stranger to generous donations with the nonprofit.

      The Harley Owners Group was welcomed with loud cheers like they were celebrities, and in the eyes of Bay Cliff's campers, they are.

      "Itâ??s amazing," said Brittany Macstrom, a camper. "They're all really nice and just a bunch of great people."

      Every year these bikers make a significant donation that helps the camp keep its doors open.

      "Without their support there would be children that wouldnâ??t be here for the summer, and there would be campers in this adult program that would not be here," said camp director Tim Bennett.

      Every year for the past 27 years, the group raises money for the camp, then delivers the check in person.

      Since the group began their fundraising efforts over $1.2 million has been donated.

      "We hope we can do it for another 27 years," said Frank Donckers, one of the bikers. "We've got a goal in mind and thatâ??s to help build a boys' dormitory."

      "I think itâ??s about $4 million or soâ?|it's a huge undertaking," Donckers admitted.

      This year's check puts the total donated amount over $1.3 million; a small step towards their goal, but a huge step in insuring the future of Bay Cliff Health Camp.