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      Bikers try their luck at annual race

      More than 60 bikers traveled to Marquette Township to compete and have fun in the 12 Hours of Potluck bike race on Saturday.

      This was the 6th annual bike race put on by Blind Stoker. The trail is six miles long around Harlow Lake. The event gets its name from Potluck Creek that flows into Harlow Lake, and they also turned the race into a potluck. M any bikers brought some food to share.

      Most racers worked in teams of four to get the most laps around the course from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. But the event is also meant to be a fun and social experience.

      "I did a first lap and it was fun and nobody has gotten hurt so far, and everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, and they've got some watchers now, so it's a nice day," said Greg Potvin, an organizer.

      Proceeds from the event will fund future Blind Stoker events.