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      Biking in the winter

      Snow biking is a winter sport that gives bike enthusiasts the ability to ride the trails during the winter. It is also a growing trend in the Upper Peninsula.

      "It's biking on snow-covered trails. Generally we call them fat bikes because they're just as good in the dirt as they are in the snow, but it's pretty cool how well they work in Marquette and colder climates," said Jeff Stasser, snow biker and co-owner of Downwind Sports.

      Snow biking started in Alaska. It was used as a way to get around on snow-covered trails. Now Yoopers have turned it into another fun winter activity.

      "It's actually very easy to do because they're very stable. You have a very wide platform on the tires to help you balance a little easier," said Stasser.

      The Marquette Trail System has roughly 20 miles of trails for snow bikers. On the TV6 & FOX UP Facebook page, Kurt Bell wrote, "Those bikes look so cool; I want one."

      If you're looking for your own snow bike, you'll have to visit a bike shop like Downwind Sports because they are custom made. The starting price of a snow bike is around $2,500.

      So what is it like to ride a snow bike?

      "It's kind of hard not to smile when you're on one of these things because it's just such a different experience, especially if you're a biker already. It feels different, the way the bike feels underneath you, the temperatures, obviously, everything's different," said Nic Dobbs, snow biker.

      If you'd like to see snow bikers in action, click here.