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      Bills introduced to attract firearm manufacturers to Michigan

      Senator Tom Casperson has introduced a measure to make Michigan friendlier to firearms manufacturers.

      According to Casperson's office, the measure would help create Arms Related Manufacturing zones. These zones, similar to tool and die zones, would be created to provide tax incentives to possibly attract firearms manufacturers.

      "Officials in some states are pushing unfriendly and, in many cases, unnecessary policies that are providing real incentive to arms manufacturers to relocate," said Senator Casperson. "The companies provide many good jobs and valuable economic activity for the communities where they are located, so we're saying that Michigan embraces the Second Amendment and it is open for business, so please come to Michigan."

      According to Casperson's office, he has already discussed prospects of relocating to Michigan with several manufacturers, including Colt and Stag.

      â??Weâ??ve actually asked for insight from the manufacturers and invited them to tell us what they would be looking for to relocate here--what would be a good incentive, what are some of the things that would entice you to a state to do business," Senator Casperson added. "They are very interested in the proposed legislation and, because of it, are considering Michigan as a possible destination to relocate.â??

      Senate Bills 429 and 430 were introduced by Senator Casperson and referred to the Senate Committee on Economic Development.