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      Binge drinking costs millions of dollars for US states

      About $1.91 is the average amount each state in the United States pays for every single alcoholic drink consumed. And if you're talking about binge drinking, that means a lot of money.

      The Centers for Disease Control released data that showed in 2006, excessive drinking cost the United States $223.5 billion. But what are the specific costs?

      â??It not only hurts them and their body, but it costs the society for medical and maybe not going to work, so you have loss of productivity,â?? said Great Lakes Recovery Center counselor, Michelle Murray. â??We have seen people actually lose their positions at their job; it has a drastic effect on employment.â??

      The article also mentioned the high costs of criminal justice and health care expenses that may come about as a result of excessive drinking. The CDC defines binge drinking for men as consuming five or more drinks on an occasion, and for women, it's four or more.

      Law enforcement said the greater community burden from excessive drinking can be seen on a regular basis.

      â??The complaints or incidences that we go on involve not only drinking and driving, but also property damage, domestic violence, parties, things like that,â?? said State Trooper, Kelsey Sipple.

      If anything, your health should be a priority when consuming alcohol, but now with new data, your community at large is at risk, as well.