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      Biracial families in the Upper Peninsula

      When General Mills released their newest Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family, public comments went through the roof. The commentary sparked conversation about race relations in different areas of the United States.

      Less than two percent of the population in the Upper Peninsula is African-American and nearly 94 percent is white, according to the United States Census Bureau in 2012.

      The Bradbury family from Marquette represents both races, and they say they are just like any other American family. Despite being in the minority here, the Bradburys believe race relations are more tense in cities with a more evenly split race population.

      "Maybe if we weren't here in this population, then maybe. If we were in Chicago where there's a majority of black people than there are white people, maybe then we would have gotten something {racist comments}," said Lacee.

      The Bradbury family hasn't experienced much racism in the U.P., and they are looking to educate their girls that we are all created equal.

      Dan says his family was shocked at the uproar the Cheerios commercial received.

      "It kind of frustrates me, on the one hand, about the racist comments or whatever. And all the other people, you just got to accept the fact that some people are just staying in their old ways and being ignorant to the fact of change," said Dan.

      Dan and Lacee have been together for eleven years and married in July 2009. They have two daughters together, Meladee, nine, and Kaydence, three.

      Northern Michigan University in Marquette welcomes diversity, and various campus organizations help to bring awareness to the U.P.

      "With Northern, I think that helps. We're diverse now," Lacee said.

      "Yeah, we're very diverse now," Dan said.

      The Bradburys add they are thrilled more businesses, like Cheerios, and the public are acknowledging that mixed race families exist.

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