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      Bishop Doerfler speaks on parishioner not allowed to minister

      Bishop John Doerfler spoke about the controversy surrounding a parishioner being told he can no longer participate in active roles at St. Michaels Church in Marquette.

      On Sunday Bobby Glenn Brown was told he wasn't allowed to continue his roles in choir, and lecturing because of his public commitment to his lifetime partner in a ceremony that happened Saturday.

      In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Bishop Doerfler said Brown can still worship at the church, but the now public nature of his relationship goes against church principals.

      "So there's a difference, first of all, between having same sex attractions and acting on those attractions, so the commitment ceremony would indicate that it would be permissible to act on those attractions and that's where the disconnect is from the church's teachings," says Doerfler.

      "I am a Catholic through and through I think his words projected that to the community and yes, there have been some misunderstandings but, I am the person I am and I've never hidden it and for them to change their mind so suddenly, I think, is shocking," says Bobby Glenn Brown.

      Both Doerfler and Brown said they were open to a meeting to further discuss the matter. Brown has received invites from other local churches and an outpouring of support from the community.