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      Bishop Noa residents tour Engineered Machined Products

      Wednesday afternoon, about 10 residents from the Bishop Noa Home for Senior Citizens had the opportunity to tour Engineered Machined Products in Escanaba.

      Some of the residents had expressed interest in seeing the business they knew little about. They were able to see robotics, automation and precision machining up close. Many of them had never seen such technology before, and some didn't realize the business was so large. One Bishop Noa resident was happy to finally see where his son works.

      "I always heard about EMP and I always thought it was just a little machine shop stuck in a corner somewhere," says resident Frank DeMars. "I never dreamed it was a huge place like this. I just always wondered what it was like to see it."

      Although the seniors enjoyed the tour, they were ready to go home after the hour-long adventure.