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      Black Friday preparations

      Stores across the country spend days, even weeks, preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Big sales and crowds are expected all across the country including the Upper Peninsula. Gliks in Iron Mountain only opened a little over a month ago in the Midtown Mall, but the manager there still expects a high turnout for Friday morning.

      "I think it's going to be busy; a lot of people have been asking. We have a lot of people that travel down to Green Bay that this is going to be their first stop of the day before they get down there. For a lot of people coming back from Green Bay, this is going to be their last stop of the day, so I think we're going to be busy throughout the day, pretty steady," said Store Manager, Vanessa Holmes.

      Once the store closed Wednesday evening, employees spent a couple of hours unpacking all of the Black Friday shipments.