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      Black widow spider found in grapes from Walmart

      <font size="2">Gloria Johnson with a picture of the spider she found</font>

      A family of five from Chatham said they found a black widow spider inside a bag of grapes they purchased, November 19, from Walmart in Marquette.

      Eleven-year-old Gloria Johnson said the spider started crawling out of the bag after her mom washed the grapes in the sink.

      Johnson's three-year-old sister had already eaten some of the black seedless table grapes before they noticed the spider. The three-year-old was not hurt.

      "We went and looked at it and it had the red hourglass on the bottom of the spider and after that we put it in a jar of alcohol and we killed it," said Johnson.

      Wal-Mart Stores Inc. issued a statement and said, "We would like to apologize to the customer. Walmart is supplied by a distribution center and has confirmed there are not any other issues we are aware of."

      Wal-Mart added, "Our Marquette branch has looked through the other merchandise in the store and did not find any other spiders."

      Wal-Mart said a pest control company was contacted and the company will do an additional check to make sure there are no other issues.

      As for the Johnson family, they said they will not be eating grapes for a while. If you are interested in seeing the full interview with Gloria Johnson, click here.