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      Blackrocks beer to hit shelves soon

      The Blackrocks Brewery is now canning some of their custom brews, and they could be on store shelves as early as Friday. Thursday, they began the process of canning and palletizing their products, with their distributors scheduled to pick up and deliver the beer, also on Thursday.

      Currently they're canning their 51-K India Pale Ale, Coconut Brown and Grand Rapids Cream Ale. The equipment they're using is producing cans of beer at a rate of 32 per minute, although it can go even faster. The owners say this is a big step for them, and quality is a key ingredient.

      "We kind of want to see how this goes and put our best foot forward, put out the best product we can," said co-owner Andy Langlois. "I mentioned that Michigan is growing immensely in the craft beer world right now, and we're going to be coming out of Marquette and putting Marquette's name on it, and we want to make sure that when it leaves here, it's something we can be proud of and our consumers will enjoy."

      The Blackrocks owners plan to make their beers available throughout the Upper Peninsula. They'll be using Griffin, Peterlin and Four Seasons distributors.