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      Blackrocks in a bottle

      22 oz. bottles for "Flying Hippo"
      Blackrocks beer is now on the shelves. The Marquette-based microbrewery started canning their products last week and began bottling Wednesday.

      They're capable of brewing 2,200 barrels of beer a year at 33 cans a minute. Blackrocks Brewery co-owners Andy Langlois and David Manson purchased the old Coca Cola Building on Washington Street earlier this year and are now selling six packs around the Marquette area. They say it wasn't easy getting this far.

      "It's the greatest, hardest thing you'd ever love to do; if it's your passion I guess...i t's exciting, it's unnerving, it's humbling. It's all good things," said David Manson.

      They plan to can three of their most popular beers year- round. So far, the 51K IPA and the Grand Rabbits Hopped Cream Ale are popular sellers in stores. They're also available in some bars and restaurants around town.

      "It's a really cool feeling to look at it in your hand instead of through a glass or through a mug," said Steve Farr, Blackrocks Pour Perfecter and Minstrel of Marketing.

      The Coconut Brown Ale will be out soon alongside a new craft beer in a 22-ounce bottle.

      They were bottling the Flying Hippo, a Belgian Imperial IPA. It's their first in a series of limited releases, which should be in stores next week.

      The Brew House on Third Street houses a three-barrel system, and the production brewery holds a 20-barrel system. Manson says it's rewarding to see how far Blackrocks has come since opening in 2010.

      "To see people enjoy the fruits of your labor at stores and at restaurants and they seem happy, and that's most important, I think, to put out a product that people enjoy and are proud of," Manson said.

      This fall, they also plan to open the upstairs of the Brew House to increase seating and eventually expand and distribute across the state. Until then, they're happily working, one bottle at a time.

      "This is a piece of cake. This is an escape right now," Manson said while placing bottles into boxes.