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      Blind dog goes to training school

      Dakini getting some fresh air
      A few weeks ago, a black lab that was beaten and blind was brought to an animal shelter in Delta County. The lab was adopted by Greg Corsten and named Dakini. Corsten said Dakini is doing well, and she is now in her third week of dog training school.The lab is learning basic commands like sit, stand, and stay. Her owner said the training and being around other dogs has improved her socialization skills."She was afraid of people a lot at first, and now she's becoming more accepting of new people and new dogs. I haven't seen her react adversely to an introduction of a dog yet. She's very friendly with other dogs," said Corsten.Corsten said Dakini has been a wonderful addition to his family, and adopting her has made him a better person and better dog owner."Quite often you see a dog and there's a connection. You look into their eyes and you feel like there's instant bonding between the two of you. With Dakini, I didn't feel that connection. I felt like here's a dog that could call something from me, some part of me that I'm not accessing," Corsten said.When Corsten was asked if he had any advice for other people interested in adopting a blind or special needs dog, Corsten had this to say. "There's a little extra something to get from working with a dog that looks so hopeless, having them respond, and seeing them progress."To see some of the things Dakini is learning in class, click here .