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      Bloodthirsty plant coming to Escanaba Halloween Night

      â??The Little Shop of Horrorsâ?? is coming to Escanabaâ??s Besse Center Theater at Bay College. The horror-comedy is based on the box office classic from 1986. The story centers on a shopkeeper, Seymore Krelbourn, trying to care for an alien plant he discovered. Unlike ordinary plants which live on water, this one has a thirst for blood.

      "It's hilarious," stated Colton Ranguette, the voice of Audrey II, the plant. "Itâ??s a comedyâ?| but there's also this dark back story behind it."

      Seymour promises the plant more blood in exchange for its fame and fortune.

      "It's bringing him all these wonderful things but as the play progresses we see more, and more, just how dark the origins of the plant really are," said Sam Bender, the actor who plays Seymore.

      And, the more the shop keep feeds his pride and joy the bigger its appetite grows.

      "There are four different puppets we use for the plant and it grows, and grows, and grows throughout the play," said actor Kendra Bloom who plays Audrey.

      Opening night is Thursday October 31, Halloween night, 7:30 p.m. All seats on opening night are $5.Other showtime General Admission: $9Students/Facility/Staff: $7Online Purchases: $10.50

      Besse Center Theatre tickets can be purchased online by clicking here.