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      Blue and white chairs coming back for FinnFest 2013

      The blue and white chairs are making a comeback for FinnFest 2013 .

      Seven years ago, FinnFest was in Marquette and over 3,000 blue and white chairs, decorated by artist Mary Wright and many others, were placed throughout the city.

      Next year, FinnFest is headed to the Copper Country.

      Sauna art is the current theme, but the blue and white chairs will also be placed throughout different towns.

      ??People need a place to sit and they're a sign of hospitality and welcome. They show people where to go and they're a great way to use furniture that may be hanging in the garage, in the attic," said Mary Biekkola Wright, FinnFest community artist.

      FinnFest will be held June 19-23 with 8,000-10,000 visitors expected to join in the festivities.

      If you're interested in donating or painting your own chairs for FinnFest, you can contact Mary at (906) 361-5548.

      For more information about 2013 FinnFest, click here or e-mail the organizers at info@finnfestusa2013.org.