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      Blue Terra Energy offers free furnace tune-ups

      David Camps, owner of Blue Terra Energy in Hancock, has been going home to home, tuning up furnaces and boilers this heating season. He said through the State of Michigan and Efficiency United, Semco customers can have a tune-up performed for free.

      â??Itâ??s a good thing to do. Manufacturers recommend you check your furnace once a year,â?? said Camps. â??If youâ??ve got dirty filters, change those, too, because that can get you into a poorly running furnace.â??

      Houghton homeowner, Julie Cischke, said she never expected there might be a problem with her boiler since she usually uses wood to heat her home.

      â??We actually didnâ??t notice anything on our furnace,â?? said Cischke. â??We got the little postcard in the mail, and thought, that would be a good thing to do. We havenâ??t done it recently, and we really ought to.â??â??

      But what started off as a routine checkup, Cischke said, turned into a terrifying experience.

      â??As soon as he walked in the house, his carbon monoxide detector started beeping when he got to the basement,â?? she recalled.

      She was told her boiler would have to be condemned as flame rollout was discovered, and carbon monoxide was leaking from the system.

      Camps said the two biggest things homeowners can do to prevent issues is to get a furnace tune-up and change the filters.

      â??You can get into trouble by not changing the filters and yet elevate the temperature differential on the heat exchanger,â?? he explained. â??You can start running into cracked heat exchangers, and that can be a very dangerous situation putting carbon monoxide into the house.â??

      Symptoms of carbon monoxide presence in your home include dizziness, light-headedness, headaches, and even nausea. Camps said if you notice anything unusual like flame rollout or peculiar sounds or smells, call your local HVAC to have your system checked.

      â??The fact that he will come out and look at an appliance for free, essentially, and be able to say, â??This is what it needs to keep it running efficientlyâ?? makes me a better steward of what I have in my house and the energy that I am using,â?? Cischke said.

      For more information about Blue Terra Energyâ??s free furnace and boiler tune-ups, call David Camps at (906) 487-5342.