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      Blueberries galore in downtown Marquette

      Friday was the 12th Annual Blueberry Festival in downtown Marquette.

      Paul and Mary Lhuillier have lived in the Marquette area their entire lives, and they decided to bring their family to this year's festival.

      "We have family visiting from Missouri and there's my husband's 50th class reunion this weekend. It's a great town in Marquette. It's a beautiful city and we're proud to live here," said Mary Lhuillier.

      "We come every year. When we were working, we couldn't make it, but now we're retired," said Paul Lhuillier.

      Hundreds of people walked through the downtown Marquette area and bought blueberries grown on local farms. Some even tasted different foods with a blueberry theme.

      The entertainment also brought in a crowd as young artists showed off their talents on stage.

      Lois Parsell lives downstate but decided to come up for the weekend to visit her sister.

      "We've already purchased some jewelry that was made from Lake Superior Glass and it's awesome so I already have presents for Christmas. I'm really excited, and when I saw the blueberry popcorn sign, I had to buy the blueberry popcorn and it's delicious. It really is delicious," said Parcell.