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      Blueberry Classic tees off

      Along with the Blueberry Festival, the second annual Blueberry Classic at the Northern Michigan University golf course was held Friday.

      The event raises money for a scholarship fund for NMU students. Last year they raised $16,000. This year the event brought in even more. Organizers say this event is really just about having a good time.

      "People can come out not feeling like they have to do their best. Iit doesn't make any difference if you're a good golfer a poor golfer or something in between. It's really about having a good time and, at the same time, raising funds for Northern students," said Joanne Roy, Co-Chair for the Blueberry Classic.

      In addition to playing a round of golf, they had a blueberry-themed lunch including blueberry scones. This year organizers estimate nearly $20,000 was raised for the scholarship fund.