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      Blueberry farm fundraiser aims to help local youth

      The Gierke Blueberry Farm in Chassell is hosting a fundraiser blueberry pick this Saturday and Sunday to raise money for the Michigan Tech Preschool and Houghton-Keweenaw 4-H Club.

      Blueberries are two dollars a pound and all proceeds from the picked berries will be split between the two organizations. The Gierkes are hoping to have about 1,000 pounds of blueberries picked this weekend.

      They decided to give money to these two organizations in particular because their children have been involved with them. The Gierke family says it's a great way to support the community and get fresh berries.

      "Well, both of the organizations are very good organizations for the community, for the youth in our community," said Lynn Gierke. "So the money is going towards their endowment, which is for the future for the kids."

      The farm is located on Klingville Road in Chassell and is open daylight hours.