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      Board looks at old school options

      Could the C.L. Phelps Middle School property be made into housing units? That was the discussion at Wednesday night's Ishpeming City Council meeting.

      In an effort to save the school district money, the middle school was closed and the students were relocated to the old Central Elementary School. The council discussed the rezoning of the property to allow a development group to repurpose it. The plan would be to turn the former school into a multi-family housing unit for families on the low end of the wage scale.

      "The lady that checks you in at the dentist's office, she may live here; the police officer that just started on the force, he may live here; the school teacher that's in their first, second or third year, they may live here. So I just wanted the public to understand what type of person would live here," said UPEA architect, Lisa Black.

      After lengthy comment from the council and members of the public, the council felt they needed more time to study the issue. They'll hold a public meeting on May 25 at the Ishpeming City Hall.