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      Board of Education visits Upper Peninsula

      Michigan's public education system could be doing better, so say the experts. In an effort to make that happen, representatives from the State Board of Education are touring Michigan, learning how to improve the education system. Monday, board members came to the U.P. to address educators from school districts across the U.P. They were looking for input on issues like education funding, infrastructure and the emergence of for profit on-line schooling.

      "People love their public schools and they want to see them better supported, better helped. They certainly are anxious about proposals that might create a free market for for-profit schools that are detrimental to the existing public school system," said John Austin, President of the Michigan Board of Education. "They want to see better support for teachers and educators in our public schools, and that's a message we're hearing loud and clear."

      School districts, from areas like the Delta Schoolcraft and Copper Country ISDs, were able to join in via web conference. This was the board members only stop in Upper Michigan.