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      Boaters help with breakwater build

      The construction on the new breakwater in Grand Marais is moving ahead, and Burt Township just received more good news about the project.

      The Great Lakes Foundation presented a check for $10,000 to Burt Township Supervisor Jack Hubbard to use for the new breakwater. The Great Lakes Foundation, affiliated with the Great Lakes Cruising Club, has long been a supporter of Hubbard's efforts to build Grand Marais' new breakwater. The money will go toward the township's matching fund of $200,000 from the state. Several members of the community and harbor committee celebrated the donation Wednesday.

      "The thing that a lot of people don't understand is how supportive they were with me over the years and fighting for this project. It's great to see the support from an organization like that," said Hubbard.

      The new breakwater is scheduled to be finished in November.