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      Bond proposal projects begin at Iron Mountain schools

      With over 100 years of high school students and staff pounding its pavement, it's safe to say the staircase of the Iron Mountain High School deserves a facelift.

      This project is part of the $9.5 million bond proposal, which has been split into three phases.

      â??Phase one is going very well,â?? said Superintendent Tom Jayne. â??It should be completed by the middle of October. Our main phase, phase two, will occur over the summer of 2014, and that will be replacing our heating systems, our roofs, and our lighting system, mainly throughout the rest of the entire district.â??

      Other improvements happening in the first phase, among others, include technology updates such as iPads and laptops for staff, a new phone system, and district-wide wireless Internet.

      Another huge change for the school district, apart from the bond proposal, is the reopening of the East Elementary School. Middle school students are now located in the high school, and the central elementary school is being used as a community school, which allows the district to, once again, use the East Elementary School, which was closed for four years.

      â??East is a really wonderful school,â?? said teacher Stacey Brock. â??Itâ??s has a great layout. Weâ??ve done some improvements: we have lockers, some great technology improvements, sixth graders are getting iPads, a brand new computer lab.â??

      And even the elementary students are noticing the new changes coming to the district.

      â??The playground is a lot bigger; you've got the soccer nets,â?? said sixth grader Brent Aman. â??I like to play soccer. I like it's not too crowded either, that's another thing I like."

      With all the changes happening now and in the future, those in the district say they're excited to see the students, staff, and their families benefit from the projects.