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      Book teaches kids about their own town

      Students at Mather Elementary in Munising were surprised with their own copies of some literature that hits close to home.

      Mara MacKay, a Michigan author, is visiting the area as part of a creative workshops series sponsored by Shipwreck Tours in Munising. Sixty copies of the book Haylee's Treasure were signed by MacKay and donated to the school children. Haylee's Treasure is a story about the city of Munising's culture and history.

      MacKay says the book teaches kids self-esteem and to appreciate what is really important in life.

      "Kids here in Munising will be able to learn a lot about their community that I don't believe they knew; even though they've grown up here, sometimes the history just goes under the bridge," said MacKay.

      MacKay is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan and is currently working on a second book called Hunter's Quest with downstate school children.