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      Booster club looking to quit asking for money

      The Iron Mountain High School Academic Booster Club has set an ambitious goal this year, but if they're successful, they may not need to raise money from now on.

      The Academic Booster Club has funded the purchase of equipment and technology while also depositing money into an endowment fund. If the club meets their goal of $30,000 this year, the endowment will have over $200,000, and that means the club could provide funds every year off of interest alone. That means no more fundraising.

      "That would generate approximately six to ten thousand dollars a year for academic needs, and we would not have to keep going out to the public and asking for money in this capacity," said Iron Mountain Schools' Superintendent, Tom Jayne.

      To help meet their goal, the club will hold an event called "Technology: Past, Present and Future" on October 22 at the Pine Grove Country Club. Tickets are $50 a person and are available at the door.