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      Booting up security in the classroom

      The Tahquamenon Area Schools are making classrooms safer for their kids. It's called 'The Boot' and the Tahquamenon Area Schools are installing the new mechanism on their classroom doors.

      "All we have to do is drop that horseshoe looking thing down inside and we're good to go. We don't have to worry about locks, and it's a way to keep our kids safe, which is what's important," said Kristin Derusha, teacher.

      'The Boot' was created by Rob Couturier, owner of The Lockdown Company, as a way to keep kids safe at school in case of an attack. He came up with the idea after coming face-to-face with an intruder. The device allows a door to be secured from the inside, but exactly how does it work?

      "It's stronger from the bottom up because you can't get that load to try to pry the door open. So, that's basically how it works. It works for leverage of the door to prohibit anyone from opening it," said Couturier.

      After the door is shut and the five pound plate is dropped in place, no one can get in, even if they tried their hardest.

      Couturier has installed The Boot in at least thirteen schools in Michigan.

      "In this day and age, it's a necessity in the classrooms. It's a necessity to secure our children, and it's just one more device that I know then that children within a classroom are safe," said Alice Walker, Superintendent of Tahquamenon Area Schools.

      Walker says the security upgrade is costing $28,000. It costs around $200 to install the device on a door.

      The district still needs to secure 50 classrooms, and they need your help paying for it. They've raised almost half of the funds necessary.

      So far, all the classrooms at Newberry High School have had The Boot installed. Walker said they still need help raising funds to install the system for classrooms at Newberry Elementary. She says anyone can help by participating in the Adopt-A-Door program.

      The program gives you the opportunity to pay for the installation on a door. Click here for more information on The Boot.