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      BOSS Snowplow helping raise money for public schools

      Mrs. Woodâ??s third grade class at Niagara Elementary loves to read. â??The kids love to read about real events, real facts, and animals,â?? said Wood. â??I like to read about lions and dinosaurs,â?? said student Marley Tobey.

      The funding, however, to purchase more books for the students is just not available. But thanks to, it is. Teachers submit classroom project ideas online which can then be funded through community donations.

      In order for the classroom projects to be fully funded, the community needs to be involved. This is where BOSS Snowplow in Iron Mountain is making a difference. â??I got an e-mail the other day saying that BOSS Snowplow will fund half of the project if someone else will go and donate the other half,â?? Wood said.

      Itâ??s part of BOSS Snowplow's â??Snowcare for Kidsâ?? campaign. â??We were looking for a way to help out local public schools, so we started this pilot program that's going to extend into the Upper Peninsula and northern-bordering Wisconsin counties,â?? said BOSS Snowplow Marketing Specialist, Jodie Gilroy.

      That pilot program is a partnership with, the same organization to which Mrs. Wood submitted a request. So not only will BOSS offer to fund half, but they're getting locals involved, too.

      From now until March 31, every customer that purchases a BOSS snowplow or spreader will receive a $50 dollar gift card to spend on to fund a project. This would give Mrs. Woodâ??s class the chance to receive those needed books. â??Brand-new books. Nothing better,â?? Wood said. â??That would be exciting because if there were piranha books, I would read them,â?? Tobey said.

      If youâ??re interested in directly donating to a program through the â??Snowcare for Kidsâ?? campaign, visit their website here .