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      Bothwell students honor vets

      Patriotic tunes filled the hallways of Bothwell Middle School Thursday morning as students put aside their class work in honor of Veterans Day.

      "It's not a day of celebration. It's a day for honor and to reflect on all of the sacrifices of our veterans," said Lt. Col. Kyle Rambo, professor of Military Science at NMU.

      And that's just what these students did as they hosted a special breakfast for area veterans. Many of them felt it was their duty to pay respect.

      "The veterans gave the best years of their life to serve the country, and I think this is the least we can do to give back to them," said seventh grader Anthony Custard.

      Students from Northern Michigan University's ROTC program were there, presenting the colors and holding a special cadet ceremony where a Northern student was officially enlisted in the Army. They hoped it would educate the students.

      "I think they're going to learn a little bit about some of the sacrifices that went into their ability to learn in a safe, secure environment," explains Rambo.

      And today's program was well received by the veterans.

      "It's wonderful. I enjoy this. It's real nice to know that the kids care enough to put on a program like this for us, and I feel more than honored," says Army veteran Larry Smith.

      These weren't the only vets that were honored today. The NMU ROTC color guard planned to have a presentation of colors at the Jacobetti home for those who couldn't make it to the school.