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      Boy makes a wish, soldiers make it happen

      Soldiers of the U.S. Army Reserves helped make one boy's dream come true this Saturday.

      Ladd Anderson is ten years old. He's currently undergoing treatment for leukemia, and one of his dreams is to be a soldier like his big brother. The Army Reserves teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation and made that happen.

      Ladd enlisted, took an oath, and helped put together a bridge for an upcoming sailboat race. Some of the soldiers said it was a humbling experience.

      "That kid is a role model to everybody," said Sgt. Travis Bradbury. "I'm jealous of him--going through what he's going through, still mustering up strength to come out here and want to serve. That's incredible...ten years old."

      TV6 will have much more on Ladd's experience this Tuesday on your News Tonight.