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      Braving icy waters for a friend in need

      Leslie Seratti (left)

      More than 50 people braved the cold waters of Lake Superior Saturday to help out a friend in need.

      It was a polar plunge fundraiser to help Marquette native Leslie Seratti. In November, Leslie's doctors diagnosed her with stage one ovarian cancer. Leslie displayed no symptoms and her doctors found a large tumor by chance. She has no insurance, so her friends, family, and coworkers at the Landmark Inn all banded together to help her pay her bills. They held the plunge at South Beach in Marquette and some even dressed up in costumes for the occasion.

      "I think it's absolutely amazing. I'm shocked! I love my Yoopers, and my friends, and family, and everybody for doing this. Much appreciated! Thank you!" said Serratti, a bartender for the Landmark.

      "She's one of the kindest, gentlest, most generous people I know, and that's why all these people are here, because probably at one time or another she's probably touched them all," said event organizer and friend Pamela Carlson.

      This past Tuesday, Leslie received her final chemotherapy treatment. Her cancer is in remission and her prognosis is good.