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      Breaking barriers to become an outdoors woman

      Over 70 women got some new skills under their belts, thanks to BOW, which stands for Becoming an Outdoor Woman .

      The weekend event was held at Big Bay Health Camp.

      For $180, women spent two days at the camp and chose three out of 16 different activities to try out. Many selected ones they've never tried before.

      "My son is 12 and he actually is into fishing during the summer, and he'd like to try fishing on the ice, and I thought it would be good to know what to do before I brought him out," said Ilene Smith, who came on this year??s trip from Milan, Michigan. "I'm here to learn how to do it for him."

      The event is part of a national effort to try and get women to break their barriers with outdoor activities, and this one, here in the U.P., is the only one held in all of Michigan.

      Their next event is in the spring.