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      Breakwall Comedy continues at the Ore Dock

      How would you like to have your funny bone tickled?

      The Ore Dock is hosting the Breakwall Comedy Show, that is sure to give you a gut busting laugh.

      Rising comedians will be in the area performing their best material for crowds in Marquette. The professionals may make comedy look easy and impromptu, but it's a well thought out act.

      "You think it's just going up there, telling a bunch of stories from the office, but it's not. It's well prepared, it's well rehearsed. We put a lot of time into what they do" says comedy show organizer, Bryan Hampton, "What you say has to appeal to basically 70% of the room if you want to be successful."

      Many comedians still grab their funny material from everyday life because pure comedy comes from real life moments.

      "I don't even have to write half the jokes. Our culture is so funny" adds comedienne, Rosemary Fields.

      Comedians get their start on small stages like here at the Ore Dock, performing nightly for small crowds with hopes of making it big.

      "You'll see a lot of people here, couple years down the road, you'll probably see them on Comedy Central" says Hampton.

      Don't miss your chance to see the next big comedian or comedienne. The last show before the series breaks for summer happens Tuesday, May 13.

      Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00 p.m. General admission is seven dollars and five dollars for students.