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      Breakwall violators sentenced

      A Marquette man and his two Wisconsin friends were in court and charged Monday with trespassing and drunken disorderly conduct.

      Twenty-four-year-olds Ryan Doyle and John Pires and 23-year-old Joseph Stieber ignored the locked gate at the Presque Isle breakwater.

      They had to be rescued by the Coast Guard and were arrested later for trespassing and disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

      "Where I should not have been, and I also had a .05 blood alcohol content," said Stieber.

      "Were you intoxicated at the time?" asked Judge Kangas.

      "I couldn't feel it," Stieber replied.

      The three men had their sentence delayed.

      Each one faces six months probation, six hours of community service, and $700 in fees and restitution.