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      Breathing new life into downtown Negaunee

      If you haven't been to Negaunee's downtown lately, you'll want to check it out.

      Negaunee residents have a lot to look forward to this weekend.

      Many new businesses are popping up on Iron Street, as well as new additions to old ones.

      And what could be better than a new bar and grill in downtown Negaunee?

      The Jackson Pit Bar and Grill is getting ready to open their doors on Friday.

      The restaurant is taking the place of Ed's Iron Inn.

      "We know it's a lot different than Ed's was, but we also believe that Negaunee is screaming to have some different food downtown," said Ivy Ridenour, Owner & Operator of Jackson's Pit.

      Jackson's Pit is offering a wide variety of Michigan beers and wines, and a big selection of burgers and chicken sandwiches!

      "We are trying to promote a family friendly type atmosphere. We want people to feel like they can bring their kids in here through the day and the dinner hours to have a meal and enjoy a game on one of these many, many TVs," said Ridenour.

      Also new on the block is a special addition to the West End YMCA.

      The Y recently moved into the former Range Bank building and has been under construction for awhile.

      "Well we've added the space that we're in currently, our bouldering room, that's primarily for kids ages five and up. Younger kids can come in with their parents as well. But this is kind of the new and exciting addition," said Rachael Berglund, West End Leader.

      But there's even more downtown.

      The Vista Theater recently purchased a movie projector, screen, and speakers.

      The theater hasn't shown movies in over 40 years, but they'll start showing old movies starting this weekend.

      "Well we're going to start off our opening week, we're going to show a movie every night all the way during Pioneer Week, and then we're going to be showing movies on the weekends. So Friday night we'll have kind of an odd film like 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman' or 'The Wall,' Saturdays we'll have classic movie night, and then Sunday we'll have a matinee and an evening performance of more like family films, like 'Ghostbusters,'" said Al Keefer, Vista Theater.

      So if you haven't been downtown Negaunee lately, it's worth a second look.