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      Breitung Schools comb through their safety measures

      Last Fridayâ??s shooting in Connecticut has shaken up schools across the country, including right here in the Upper Peninsula.

      After the incident, Breitung Townshipâ??s Superintendent Craig Allen sat down with staff first thing Monday morning.

      The school already has a crisis plan in place, however, Allen wanted to "make sure that people were up to speed with our crisis plan," and explains that he and his faculty "take crisis intervention very seriously."

      The sit down allowed staff to comb through their safety measures as an extra precaution.

      "I think most of our teachers know what to do, and say they're very well trained," explains Kingsford High School guidance counselor Beth Farragh. "But, I think when something like this happens, it just hits at our own vulnerabilities."

      Faculty and students were both given information to take home.

      Staffs say their updated technology also adds to their schools' high level of safety. There are approximately 95 security cameras throughout the Breitung School District with infrared capability.

      The school says they are planning a mock school shooting exercise with law enforcement this coming January.