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      Breitung Township sewer project

      The vote was a 4-4 tie, so the sewer project will not be happening.

      The proposed $3.4 million sewer project would have benefited businesses along US-2 in Breitung Township such as the Town and Country Ford dealership and the 41 Lumber store. Right now those businesses run on private septic systems which can cost up to $4,000 per year to operate.

      Some of the township board members wanted the sewer in place to promote business growth in the area.

      When you get that kind of growth that helps to prevent future tax increases because you're building your tax base. So for the long-term good of the township, we need to do what we can that's within reason to help build the tax base, said John Gaudette.

      The vote was split by the board members right down the middle.

      I have some unanswered questions on how we would. We have the answers, but I'm not so sure that the revenue stream would be there to carry this bill every year for 80,000, said Mary Beth Dixon.

      The residents of Breitung Township wouldn't technically be paying any extra taxes; the money would have come out of the general fund, about $80,000 per year for 40 years. That's about five percent of the town's general fund, which could have cut back on things like park maintenance and town upkeep.

      So for now, the sewer plan is a dead issue. One of the board members was absent tonight, and I was told if he was there, the vote would have been swayed to a yes.