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      Brew master brews new brew

      Jasper Ridge Brewery has welcomed a new brew master.

      Twenty-six-year-old Brett Helzer of Grand Rapids took the job in February. He's been brewing on his own or professionally since 2009. He says much of his job is just cleaning and maintaining the brewery, but some days he'll spend nine hours on a single batch of beer. Helzer has already brewed one of his own recipes for an American amber ale that he calls "Rye'd the Tiger." He says a lot of hard work goes into managing a good brewery.

      "A lot of people get burned out on it because they don't realize all the hard work that goes into being a brew master and keeping the entire brewery online, but I like it. It's a good challenge," said Helzer.

      Helzer says he has many plans for upcoming new brews, including a German Kolsch beer and an imperial stout for the winter.