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      Brewery offers "Hops for Help"

      The Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette is offering a donation to St. Vincent de Paul for every purchase of their newest beer.

      Their new 1863 India Pale Ale was brewed specifically for this Thanksgiving weekend as a part of their Hops For Help fundraiser. For every pint sold, the brewery owners will donate $0.50 to St. Vincent de Paul. The beer is named the 1863 IPA after the year in which President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. The deal started today and will continue until closing time on Sunday. They brewed 10 barrels of the 1863 IPA. If the Ore Dock sells all of it, it would result in a $1200 donation.

      "Ore Dock Brewing Company is a place where community and craft beer meet, and so community is a big part of what's important to us here. Anything that we can do to help out is great," said Andrea Persteiner, owner and Vice President of the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

      The Ore Dock plans to continue Hops for Help as an annual tradition with each year having a different beer and a different charity recipient.