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      Brides-to-be glow at expo

      Love is a many splendored thing. It has the power to alter our lives and it motivates us to step outside of our comfort planning a wedding.

      At the Bridal Expo in Iron Mountain, the Midtown Mall was filled to the brim with brides-to-be and their friends, eager to snag some great wedding deals.

      The event wasn't a brawl of Bridezillas as some may suppose an expo to be, rather, it was a peaceful and helpful way for the prospective wives to find creative ideas for planning. Bride-to-be Sara Blomquist is getting married later this summer and is looking forward to her perfect day.

      â??We just want our wedding to be fun and for everyone to have a great time,â?? said Sara. â??And our reception is one of the most important things to us."

      Various wedding planners, including Mitch Taylor, were present to offer their services to ensure an organized reception.

      â??There's only one chance to get it right,â?? explained Taylor. â??So it's really crucial to do planning ahead of time, lay out a wedding day, and really go through a selection process with your wedding vendors. Donâ??t just rely on the price quote on the phone, actually write it down and meet with them.â??

      The glowing brides-to-be left the expo confident that all the planning, spending, and stress will pale in comparison to experiencing one of the most memorable days of their lives.