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      Bridgefest and Seafood Fest to combine

      Two popular summer staples in the Copper Country are now being combined into one event. Bridgefest and Seafood Fest will be officially held together this year for the first time in their existence.

      The Rotary Club of Houghton organizes Seafood Fest, and the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce organizes Bridgefest.

      Seafood Fest is the rotary club's fundraising effort that has raised over $400,000 for community organizations in its 27 years. Bridgefest was created to celebrate the portage lake lift bridge bringing Houghton and Hancock together.

      Organizers say people can expect an even bigger celebration than in years past.

      â??A total community event. There has been confusion in the past about Bridgefest being sort of a Hancock event, Seafood Fest being a Houghton event- a Houghton Rotary event,â?? said Bridgefest Feast chair, Bill Musselman. â??This year, the entire event is called Bridgefest, and our fundraising event is called, 'Bridgefest Feast.'â??

      The festivities will begin Friday, June 13 through Saturday, June 14 at Houghton's Ray Kestner Park. For more information about the schedule of Bridgefest and Bridgefest Feast events, check out the websites here and here.