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      Bridgefest celebrates another year

      Houghton and Hancock have been celebrating Bridgefest for more than 15 years.

      With the sun shining, hundreds of people lined the streets for the parade Friday. Bridgefest has become a tradition for Houghton and Hancock, and it celebrates the Portage Lake Lift B ridge which connects the two cities.

      And for many it's become a family tradition.

      "We come for the parade and the mountain bike race," said spectator Troy Eddy. "We'll do the chain drive tomorrow, and it's just a fun time. The kids come and get bags full of candy, and we watch the parade go by."

      Down at Chutes and Ladders Park, some got a chance to escape the heat by taking a dip in the Portage Canal. Seafood Fest is also this weekend, and people have already started filling up their plates with lobster, crab legs, and oysters.

      The events continue through Sunday.