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      Bright beginnings and new technology for Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

      Doctors, nurses, and other employees at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital in Manistique are still getting settled in to their brand new building. And they also have some new equipment to get used to.

      Employees and patients alike have been working hard to become accustomed to the brand new, state-of-the-art technology the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital recently received in addition to the newly constructed building.

      And Darlene is especially excited about the new Cardiac Rehab Department.

      "I think I'm in this program for about two months, but I certainly will join afterwards because it is very nice. Especially the family and people that are here are great," said Darlene Furmanek, a cardiac rehab patient.

      "We're really excited because this is a new department for our new hospital. It's comprised of our part-time respiratory therapy department as well as our cardiac rehab department, which is now intertwining the two disciplines together to offer more services such as, we now have a sleep lab," said Dr. Scott Chartier, the hospital's Cardio Pulmonary Care Supervisor.

      With the state-of-the-art sleep lab, the department also has a brand new Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation area, with new equipment for patients.

      Out of northern Wisconsin, the U.P., and northern Michigan, the Zio Patch is only offered at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital. This patch is very un-invasive and can diagnose a multitude of problems in cardiac patients.

      "With this new pulmonary function equipment, we can measure lung volumes much more accurately than we could before. We can also measure things like airwave resistance. We didn't have that capability before," Dr. Chartier said.

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