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      Bright future for Baraga Avenue

      There was a full house Thursday night at the Marquette Commons.

      The topic of interest... Baraga Avenue

      The Downtown Development Authority, the Michigan Municipal League, and Michigan State University Extension are all working together, with the help of the community to improve Baraga Avenue.

      According to the DDA, the plan will look at traffic, parking and other areas.

      The goal is to make Baraga A venue more accessible and more aesthetic to community members and tourists.

      "At this stage we've had interviews with business owners and property owners on Baraga, and there are some ideas that have been generated. But it really is a clean slate, and the purpose is to hold a visioning session to get the ideas of residents and citizens in the entire city," said MSU Extension Educator Brad Neumann.

      The Michigan Municipal League hopes to have several design plans drawn up by the end of April.

      A meeting will be set in the near future for the public to view the designs.