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      Brighter colors on bikers

      The State of Michigan is trying to help make motorcyclists more visible and safer on the road this year.

      Last year, Michigan saw an increase of 18 percent in motorcycle fatalities. In response to that, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety has started running ads that encourage riders to wear bright colors like florescent orange and yellow. At Bald Eagle Harley-Davidson in Marquette, they've seen riders shift from those bright colors to the reflective piping on jackets.

      "The reflective piping and brighter colors works really good to just get the other drivers out there, that aren't aware of motorcyclists, just to give you a good visibility out there on the road," said Bald Eagle-Harley Manager, Jesse Zambon.

      Zambon also said drivers just need to pay attention and allow a little more space to motorcyclists, no matter what colors they wear.