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      Bring shoes, not presents!

      Bring shoes, not presents!

      That's what one nine-year-old girl is telling all of her party guests.

      After her birthday party last year, Starr Lemay says she got her first lesson about children in need.

      Her mother said it affected Starr so much, that she wanted to find a way to give as much as she could to other children.

      "We had a pool party and we were watching TV, it was late and night, and we had seen an infomercial about the 700 club, on croc shoes, and we just got to talking about it," said Amber Lemay.

      So this year, Starr decided she wanted a different type of birthday party.

      And everyone is invited.

      All you have to bring is a pair of shoes.

      "I realized that I have so many toys, and shoes. I realized that lots of other kids don't have many, so I'm going to donate some shoes," said Starr.

      Starr has invited the entire U.P. to her party!

      She says she wants to collect as many donations as possible, and to celebrate the act of giving with everyone.

      Her family says they couldn't be any more proud.

      Both of Starr's parents were in the foster care system as children, so they say they were able to fully disclose to Starr what it's like to be in need.

      "I know first-hand exactly what it's like to not have anything, and to be in that situation with nothing. So, she just kind of took what I said, and took what she learned off TV, and just kind of made it into this," said Amber.

      The donations, shoes and monetary, will be given to the Women's Center in Marquette, and the multiple foster care agencies in the U.P.

      "Any type of donation, new or used, boy or girl, anything will help. It doesn't matter, any type of shoe," said Amber

      Starr's party is Saturday, April 5th, from noon to four at the Clubhouse in Gwinn.

      Her parents said the party is a carnival theme, so if you can make it, bring some shoes and be prepared to have a blast!

      But if you can't make it, Starr has a donation bin set up at Pomp's Tire in Marquette.