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      Broncos learn the meaning of team work

      Hard work, pride, intensity and school spirit are all things the Bark River School??s fourth quarter program teaches its students. Almost 100 seventh through twelfth graders gather in the gym for one week of intense training and team building.

      The students rotate through stations each focusing on different muscle groups and skills. Each workout is difficult, ranging from lifting weights to running sprints. The day ends with the entire group gathering for a cool down stretch and a motivational speech from a different guest speaker each day.

      ??I think this is a heck of an experience,?? said football captain and fourth quarter participant Kent Dubord. ??I encourage everybody to start doing this as it brings schools together as a whole and you really learn a lot from the speakers and push each other to get better.??

      This is the second year for the Bronco??s Fourth Quarter, and the school hopes to see it grow each year.